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Our Campaign’s Top Policy Issues

Tiffany wants you to know where she stands on the current issues.


Tiffany believes that every woman deserves to decide what is best for them, for their body, and for their life. Women quality and affordable healthcare and deserve equal pay. She fought to preserve affirmative action because one of the many things it provided was funding for women's health screenings and sports programs for girls.


As a long-time education advocate, and educator Tiffany continues her work as the Co-Vice President of the State Board of Education. She believes, equitable funding, closing the achievement gap, supporting our foster youth, supporting early literacy, supporting CTE, student loan reform, and in quality, affordable education for all.


Tiffany has fought to raise the wage, as well as served as the Director of Community and Economic Development for a municipality. Her work in various roles has helped to bring in millions of dollars to Southeastern Michigan and support affordable housing. She understands that in order to have a healthy economy we need a balanced economy.


Tiffany grew up with a mom who was ill. She was an advocate for her mom during end-of-life care. She understands many of the trials families face with healthcare and throughout the healthcare system.


While working at a non-profit agency in Detroit, Tiffany served with a co-worker "Daisy" who was Mexican. One day she was there, and the next day she wasn't. It was revealed that her family had been deported. Tiffany understands we have to protect our borders, while still treating immigrants with dignity and respect.


Tiffany has a high respect and appreciation for Vets. Both of her grandfathers and great-grandfather were veterans. Her maternal grandfather served in World War I, and his father in World War II. As the Political Director for the former 14th Congressional District, she named Danny Craig the Director of Veterans of Affairs. They hosted Forums making assistance available for housing, jobs, etc.


Michigan is the home of the great lakes, with many beaches, walking trails, and wildlife. As a lifelong Michigander, and an outdoor person, Tiffany loves enjoying Pure Michigan. From spending time on Anchor Bay to Metropolitan Beach all the way to Tahquamenon Falls, she will support legislation that protects our Environment.


International experiences while obtaining her MBA from U of D Mercy where she studied in several countries helps to influence policy and diplomacy. During her international travels, she obtained mentoring from corporations and governments, as well as studied different cultural, business, political and social frameworks. Countries Include: Israel, Brazil, Italy, Costa Rica, China and Hong Kong.


The first issue Tiffany organized around is stopping the violence and gun safety. She brought resources to neighborhoods that were drastically in need. As a result of the Oxford shootings, she introduced gun safety resolutions that were passed by the State Board of Education. In Congress she will continue to educate and introduce policies to help our neighborhoods and country be a safer place.


Tiffany is a licensed real estate agent who has worked in Real Estate Development and Community and Economic Development. In Congress she will work hard to bring money back to the 10th Congressional District to make significant infrastructure investments in roads, bridges, transportation, etc. As well as introduce policies to enhance the quality of life for residents.


Growing up in the inner city, Tiffany has seen the effects of the criminal justice system. As an educator she understands what the school-to-prison pipeline means for many of our youth. As Congresswoman she will introduce policies to reform the system and rehabilitate offenders.