Tiffany is a lifelong advocate for Michiganders.

Tiffany understands the struggles many families face.

As a child, Tiffany became the primary caregiver for her mother when she fell ill. Tiffany lost a brother and cousin to gun violence. She struggled as a young mom to raise two children. Through the hardship, Tiffany found purpose in improving our systems so others wouldn't have to endure the same struggles.

Tiffany founded a non-profit to bring community members together to fight gun violence and provide support to struggling families, and today she serves as Co-VP of MI's State Board of Education. Tiffany is a fierce champion for early childhood education, equitable education funding, increasing mental health services and improving services for foster youth across Michigan.

Now, she's running to flip MI-10 from red to blue because Michiganders deserve a fighter in Congress. Someone who will stand up to the MAGA extremists who are trying to undermine our democracy, take away our rights, and sow division in our country.